2017 Entry Classes

Here are the 2017 Classes.

A free printed schedule will be available throughout the village and in the WOT Library within the next few weeks.  Until then you can look them up here or Download a printed list.

The Theme for 2017 is IN THE PAST to tie in with the 1300 Celebration in WoT this year.

Download 2017 Classes 


 B  Plants & Flowers
 C Fruit
 D     Junior Garden
(Up to 16 years inclusive)
 XXL Big is Beautiful
 E  Flower Arranging
 F  Art for All
 G  Colouring & Handwriting
 J  Children's Art & Craft
 K  Cookery
 L  Needlework
 M Photography
 Sustainable WoT
 P 1300 Celebrations

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