The Theme was In the Past

Some Highlights from the 2017 Show

"In the Past" was the theme for the show as we worked with the church with regard to the village 717 celebrations. We had a special 717 class sponsored by the church.

Marc Allum from the Antiques Roadshow was a really excellent guest opener. He was so impressed with the Hall and the Show that he waived his expenses.



   My committee dressed up (Didn't Henry look great).

We had a set of stocks that a member of the public pointed out were really a pillary, traditional crafts and the prize money was in shillings.

I had two new members on the Committee Adam Georgallis and Tracy Tainton. Tracy took over the Facebook side of our publicity.
We had a change around of roles for the committee with Jean Calway taking on the catering. Her hard work was rewarded as we had many compliments about the food.

May I thank the Village Hall committee members Graham and Phil who manned the dishwasher all day. The tent this year was supplied by the Air Cadets who were extremely efficient.

   Thank goodness this year we were blessed with lovely sunny weather. Ted my doorman reported that we had a steady flow of visitors all day and they totalled 700 adults and numerous children. Our others stats were 119 people had entered 600 exhibits.

We had a small piece of furniture donated by the new Oriental Shop in the village and we had a sealed bid auction set up for this. Two stall holders failed to turned up, this was especially disappointing as one was activities for the children and we had a waiting list of people wanting a pitch.

Esme James a long term supporter of the show wrote to us saying what a "Joyful" occasion it was and I think she summed it up rather well. The successful event allows me to hand over a cheque to the hall for £1,500.

Alexia Gardner Show chairman 2017

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