Section M: Photography


 Section M

 No age restriction
 82 "Sunrise or Sunset"
A photograph in
Black&White or Colour.
Up to 25cm x 20cm (10"x8")
Mounted (no frames please) 
Maximum overall size
30cm x 25cm (12"x10")
 83 A Picture of a Pier
 84 "in the Red"
 85 "Time"
 Age 16 years and under
 86 Old Toys

A photograph that has won in a previous Westbury-on-Trym Flower Show must not be entered.

Entries must not show the competitors name.

For queries see the Contact page.

Judging Notes - Hints and Tips

Think carefully about what you want to show in your photograph before taking the picture (visualisation) and ensure that the subject is apparent and fits the category

Try to exclude any subject matter that is irrelevant or detracts from the main subject of your picture

Find a different way of depicting the subject, to make the picture more interesting and to convey your own interpretation or message - adopt a viewing angle that emphasizes a chosen aspect

Take a number of different views of your subject and select the picture that is closest to the way you visualised it

If your subject is outdoors, avoid photographing it whilst the sun is overhead if possible - early morning and evening produce the best lighting conditions

Ensure the subject of your picture is in sharp focus (unless deliberately blurred for creative purposes) - after reviewing a digital image, retake the picture if necessary making sure the camera is firmly supported to avoid 'camera shake'

Make sure the print does justice to your picture and is well presented - a good picture can be let down by a poor print and bad presentation

Remember - the judge will look at everything in your photograph, not just the part that you in your own mind think is the important bit


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