Section G:  Colouring & Handwriting

Section G
 Colouring & Handwriting

Age 3 to 5  48
Colouring Picture - Red
Age 6 to 12
Colouring Picture - The Village Hall
Age 7 to 12  50
Handwriting - "Red is ..." - A5 size

Judging Notes


You can download the pictures for classes 48 (ages 3-5) and 49 (ages 6 - 12) by clicking on the links below.  The picture can then be printed and coloured ready for submission with an entry form and entry fee.  Download will be available by Easter.

Alternatively the pictures to be coloured will be available from the library on Falcondale Road nearer to the show date.


Handwriting is judged on presentation. 

The highest quality handwriting (and not any decoration) will be judged the winner.   




Download Red Picture

Ages 3 - 5

Colouring Competition


Download Village Hall Picture

Ages 6 - 12


Colouring Competition


Download Poem

Red is

Red is an apple

Red is a Cherry

Red is a Rose

and a ripe Strawberry


Red is a stop sign

Red is a rose

Red is an apple

and a funny clown's nose


Ages 7 - 12

Handwriting Competition


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