Section E: Flower Arranging

Section E
 Flower Arranging

Open to all
 41 A Delicate Image Maximum of 10cm deep, wide and high
 42 "Candleglow"
An Arrangement incorporating one or more candles
Maximum of 50cm deep and wide.  Height unlimited
 43 An Arrangement inspired by the phrase
"Walking into the Future"
16 Years and Under
 44 An Arrangement in a Mug

Novice Class (none this year)

Novice Classes are restricted to competitors who have not won a first prize in any flower arranging competition.

16 or Under

All classes are open to competitors under 16 who must state their age on the entry form.

Judging Notes

Flower arranging is judged within the spirit of the Flower Show and at the discretion of the judges whose decision is final.  We aim the encourage the highest standards without discouraging participation and involvement.

Open Staging: All exhibits may be brought already arranged due to timing. 

An exhibit is composed of natural plant material with one or more placement.  Accessories can be incorporated but natural plant material must predominate unless otherwise stated.

Exhibits must comply to the maximum stated measurements due to restricted space available.

For more information please ring Ruth on 0117 9685493. 

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