Section C: Fruit

 Section C
Four Apples (dessert)
24  Four Apples (cooking)
25  A Plate of four Pears
Plate up to 8" diam. maximum
26 A Plate of Red Fruit
Plate up to 8" diam. maximum
A Plate of Any Other Fruit
Plate up to 8" diam. maximum

Judging Hints and Tips

·         Almost all soft fruit should be ripe, of good colour, free from blemishes, in good condition and with stalks intact. Absence of stalks is seen as a defect but would not cause disqualification. Indeed, a superior quality minus stalks may be awarded a prize.

·         All fruit, other than dessert apples, should be somewhat above the average size but must still be of good quality and condition.

·         Dessert apples need to be of medium size, of good colour and the four apples should be of uniform size and shape. Absence of eyes/stalks is seen as a defect. Bruising/blemishes are also defects which will lead to points being deducted.

·         Display and presentation of your fruit exhibit could be on tissue paper and a few good quality leaves of the fruit will enhance your exhibit.

Advice on How to Present Your Fruit in the Flower Show

Always follow the instructions for each exhibit and display the correct numbers otherwise you could be disqualified. Good quality and condition with similar size is better than larger but uneven specimens

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