Section A : Vegetables

Section A Vegetables


1 Collection of Vegetables
One each of four distinct kinds
 2  Five Potatoes
 3  Five Runner Beans
 4  Five French Beans
 5  Three Chillies
 6  Three Onions
Dressed (see picture below)
 7  One Misshapen Vegetable
 8  Three Carrots
 9  Two Courgettes

 10  A truss of Cherry Tomatoes
Ripe, unripe or mixed
 11  Five Tomatoes
 12  Three Globe Beetroots
13 A Collection of Fresh Herbs
Three distinct kinds displayed in a half pint glass
Plant or Produce Grown from SusWoT Seeds or Plants
Section O Sponsored by SusWoT


 Three Dressed Onions

Judging Hints and Tips

·         All root vegetables and tubers should be washed and rinsed in clean water using a sponge so as not to damage the skin.

·         Excessive removal of skin from onions is deemed as a defect. If possible, retain outer skin and tie necks neatly with raffia (Do this with shallots too). Try to avoid thick or soft necks in onion classes.

·         Most vegetables will deteriorate if exposed to light. Cover your exhibit with moist tissue paper until the last moment possible. Runner beans wrapped in moist paper is a good example.

·         Uniformity is important in vegetable exhibits. Each specimen should be alike in size, shape and colour eg. A pair of matching marrows

·         Make good use of quality parsley foliage to fill in spaces between the specimens eg. Using parsley between tomatoes, potatoes, carrots etc will improve the presentation of the exhibit but it should be to enhance and not to disguise poor quality.

·         Runner beans should be long and straight with stalks intact and "tails" uniform. Above all, each bean should snap cleanly and there should be little or no bean visible on the outside. Quality and freshness is very important.

Advice on How to Present Your Vegetables in the Flower Show

Always follow the instructions for each exhibit and display the correct numbers otherwise you could be disqualified. Good quality and condition with similar size is better than larger but uneven specimens.

·         Ideally, all exhibits should be correctly named eg. Potato "Desire". If the exhibitor does not know the name of the cultivar/variety, the label should bear the words "Name Unknown".  Writing the label at home saves time at the Show Hall.

·         Errors in naming will not disqualify the entry but clear, correct naming would be looked on favourably in a close competition where two exhibits appear to be of equal merit

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